Tax Incentives

More Jobs for Marylanders Act – incentives to encourage manufacturers to create family-supporting jobs and workforce development programs. Worcester County is considered a Tier 1 county defined in statute as Qualified Distressed Counties offering increased incentives.

Partnership for Workforce Quality – This program provides matching training funds to growing companies seeking to increase the skills of existing workers for new technologies and production processes, improve employee productivity, and increase employment stability.

One Maryland Tax Credit – Businesses investing in an economic development project in a “qualified distressed county” and create at least 25 new full-time jobs may qualify for up to $5.5 million in state income tax credits.

Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit – Provides an investor with income tax credits equal to 50% of an eligible investment in a Qualified Maryland Biotechnology Company. This program supports investment in seed and early stage biotech companies to promote and grow the biotech industry in Maryland.

For more information on these and other tax incentives visit The Maryland Department of Commerce